Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Summer Fashions

Rayna is getting more independent lately and is starting to want to dress herself. She always has to pick out which shoes she's going to wear and likes socks for some reason. Her are two of her fashion statements.

In the top picture she's wearing all our nintendo controllers as necklaces. They definitely complete the ensemble of t-shirt and diaper (she's not wearing pants because we're potty training).

In the bottom one she has chosen to pair her t-shirt and diaper with 2 pairs of ruffled socks and pink sparkley shoes which are, of course, on the wrong feet. Very fashionable.


Nana and Padron said...

She's definitely has a future in fashion. I can see her on the fashion show runway now!

Amber said...

Too funny!

Laura said...

So very avant garde, Rayna!!

Edlin6 said...

You know how bad my fashion sense is, so can she hook me up with some ideas for fall now. Hope all is well. We miss you guys.